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hinch said:
Dulfite said:

So we are reviewing the correlation between price and quality now and not just quality? What madness is this?

Scores are assigned to the quality of the game. It should have nothing to do with the cost of the game.

I'm not a reviewer so I wouldn't know. However value is one aspect a lot of people consider in reviews (in general) so it should be applicable to someone reviewing video games.

Say for example, a smaller scale game like Spiderman Miles Morales (an expansion) would be a rip off at full price and even at $50 its not that great value for money when it is essentially a 10 hour game, it might reflect or have an impact a persons review.

However this isn't a 7/10 game imo, but this is an opinion piece from an outlet. No need to get over up in arms over a single digit or two in a review score, yeesh. (Not directing this at you btw)

I agree no one should be up in arms. I said my last comment amusingly btw, not annoyed lol. Internet doesn't detect tone of voice sadly.

I don't connect review scores and value, personally. If I want to know the value of the game I do research on it. The review score, to me, tells me how well the game did at what it was trying to do in the genre it fits inside. But that's just me and that's fair we all look at review scores differently. Thank you for explaining your perspective.