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These are pretty good, especially given that these are your first songs. I have a few tips if you're interested from one bedroom musician to another.

First of all, I heavily suggest downloading Reaper. It is only $60, but they don't restrict the trial version so if you absolutely can't scrape it, you still get the fully functional program. The built in basic effects like EQ and Compression are pretty dang good and it is a lot more fully formed and user friendly of a program than Audacity. You can also get a ton of extra plug-ins for free across the internet if you need something that they don't have built in.

As for the actual production, it sounds like to me, your vocals are taking up a lot of space, especially in the low end. Low end is really important in hip hop to hold down the beat, so when your vocal eats up a lot of that space, it weakens the beat. You can fix this by first of all messing with the levels and maybe turning down the vocals a little, but also using some EQ to give your vocals more of a tight pocket to sit in instead of eating all of those frequencies. I'd also experiment with a de-esser and maybe some multiband compression to try to specifically target the harshness on your "ssss" sounds.

Last edited by sundin13 - on 13 February 2021