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Farsala said:
tbone51 said:

A bit of info for you, NSW is at 18.8mil shipped in japan. It did about 6.45mil last year, and if it does 6.39mil it will have shipped the same amount 3ds did lifetime.

25.4mil by years end is a possibility (a bit on the optimistic side sure) and if it does do that with being on the market for less than 5years vs 3ds did in 7 and half years coming off of a peak year, 28.5mil would be about the floor for end of 2022 alone ;)

I am ever the pessimist. It only just passed the 3DS launch aligned. Of course 28.5m will be far ahead of the 3DS LTD, an entire 4m. 37m is the other side, optimism. 12.5m ahead of the 3DS.

Your right it just surpassed the 3ds aligned. And 3ds in Y5/Y6/Y7 sold 2.1mil/1.9mil/1.9mil each meanwhile NSW is nowhere near dropping that low yearly 😉