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shikamaru317 said:
VAMatt said:

I don't give a damn about Sonic's voice. Nobody plays Sonic games for the story, we just want the cut scenes to end so we can get on to the next level

While I don't play Sonic specifically for the story, I still enjoy the stories and voice acting personally. If nobody cared about the Sonic story, Sonic wouldn't have had multiple successful tv shows and movies/OVA's over the years, nor would Sonic have had 20+ years of successful Archie and IDW comics:

You're right, some people obviously do care about the story, especially in the larger Sonic universe.  My real point there was that I don't think there are many people that think Sonic's voice in a given game is of any importance.  These arent story driven games, his voice has changed a bunch, many of us don't care about story elements in Sonic games at all, and a whole host of other facts lead me to that conclusion.