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Chicho said

wait i thought Greece and Croatia were considered part of the west.

Greece had its chance!

On a serious note. There are many definitions of East and West depending on purpose and/or time in history. Sometimes Croatia and Greece are associated with the West, and sometimes with the East. I think if we stick to two geographic halves, Greece (at least) is in the East. They would also be Eastern considering Greek is a geographically Eastern culture, it fell into the Byzantine Empire, and religiously Eastern (Croatia would fall Western in this case). Ancient Greece was the first significant nation of European culture (unless you include the Hittites, which were technically the first major Euro-culture civilization) - but the Greek world is the birthplace of both Eastern and Western European civilization as we know it (although some will say the Minoans and Nuragic civilizations, but neither are technically Indo-European, but IMO that doesn't matter as some modern European cultures are not Indo-European either; and Indo European also includes Iranian and Indian, which are not European)

The important thing is no one has been passed back and forth more than Poland.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 29 January 2021

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