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HigHurtenflurst said:

PS5 has dropped more than I thought though, assuming no adjustments if 150k is indicative of the PS5 weekly supply level then PS4s steady 160/170k should continue to close the gap. PS5 will at least keep the lead until 3rd February week (PS4 Japan launch).... After that looks like PS4 went back to a steady 160/170k through to September, which I think was GTA5 release. PS5 will need to beat that to regain the lead.

Given the level of demand I would expect Sony to be aiming at 180-200k weekly shipments for non holiday weeks (through September), this 150k may just be a blip due to new year transition, or maybe covid chip shortage & shipping difficulties are going to have a bigger effect.

Unlike PS4, PS5 has flagship titles due rather early in its life. I expect sony will aim to have quite a few big shipment weeks aligning with GT7 and Ratchet & Clank