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Was bored this morning, so decided to take a couple of the other quizzes people here have been posting results from.


Between the two, I found the 9 Axes quiz the most plausible representation of where I stand overall, in no small part because it's more detailed on certain subjects like immigration where I give strictly permissive-sounding answers on most quizzes only because they never bother to ask me my stance on border enforcement itself, just like whether I'm for restricting legal immigration and mass deportations and English as the only language and stupid stuff like that that IMO only reactionary xenophobes support. Drug trafficking is an EPIC problem where I live and yeah illegal border crossings are definitely a significant source of that problem, for example. And also of sex trafficking. There is indeed such a thing as an open borders position and I'm NOT in favor of it like many of these political quizzes make me seem, so kudos to the 9 Axes one for going into more specifics on the issue. Same principle on foreign policy in general. Breaking that down into more categories I think clarifies that I'm not strictly a pacifist just because I believe we should generally try to work with other countries. I also liked the detail the 9 Axes quiz went into on localism versus unitary government because you don't see that too often in these quizzes, or at least not in this array of specifics.

Bottom line, I feel more accurately portrayed by the 9 Axes quiz than others we've done here and note that it's also shorter than some of the others (like the 8 Values quiz), so just all-around more efficient, I think. More categories helps, I think, as does avoiding needless repetition of the same propositions in different words! Some of my results are consistent across all the quizzes though: I'm always a socialist in all of them, so you can bet that that's the real me alright.

I still can't help feeling that a serious, modern quiz on one's political stances should include some questions on topics like gun policy, gender identity, and maybe even COVID-19 as of this year though and those have been IMO shortcomings in all of these quizzes so far.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 23 January 2021