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First Update of 2021

Just Finished: Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (PS Now)

Another quarantine co-op game that I played through with my buddy. As a fan of Resogun and a BIG FAN of Super Stardust HD I'm quite disappointed with Dead Nation. This is definitely the worst Housemarque game I have played. The premise is cool and this style of game seems right up their alley but somehow they messed up the execution. The visual design and art direction are horrendous. Everything is so grey and monotonous it is hard to tell what is going on, especially as the zombies start to swarm in larger crowds. Something as simple as glowing character outlines to better help tell the player character and enemies apart would have gone a long way. The difficulty is too steep even on normal so the game is more frustrating than it is fun. The game does not make the most of the co-op elements by not giving you a way to heal or revive a partner. The checkpoints are too far apart and the pacing is wildly uneven. Upgrading the weapons is satisfying, especially the mines and other explosives. Some variety of enemies are too menacing and can set you back with a huge penalty in only a few attacks. The story and music are generic. The online continuous world leaderboard is kinda cool. It is a relief to be done and not exactly a great way to start the year.


Full Completed 2021 List:

  • Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (PS Now)
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