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I will say the best one was super mario bros 2, since it wasn't really a mario game in the beginning, it looks good with the new vibrant colors and more detailed objects and enviroments.

As for the others i didn't like the changes that in my opinion took some of the identity off from already perfect classic games, in particular i didn't like the recolor they did to the 6-3 level in SMB1 that looked kinda eerie and cool with the gray trees, or the night levels and the underground ones in general that are a lot brighter than the original ones with all the multicolored blinking stars and the background being a darker blue instead of black,also the iconic sounds we all know that have been everywhere even in news in radio and tv, are the NES ones, the sound effects used for the remakes are too high pitched and i think the music kinda has a similar problem, the only thing that was better was the number of toads increasing everytime you reached the end of a Bowser castle, since the lost levels reuses a lot of things from 1 same things apply there.

As for super mario bros 3 you can see that the spritework is practically the same as the NES one just recolored, i think the things that got kinda ruined were the backgrounds of the enviroments, there are a lot of levels where you have the generic elongated semi-cylindrical hills but they are not the problem, the problem is that thick layer of clouds obscuring the hills, the sky and scrolling in a weird manner, also all of the battleship backgrounds and the ambience in all the levels with mostly underwater gameplay were turned to night, the battleships are ok but the underwater levels look kinda blurry and too dark. The ice levels have two backgrounds one with snowy pines and a duller blue in the sky that makes it look good, but then there is another one with the generic hills with just a sprinkle of snow that looks really bad since it gives the appearance of just being another grassy level with a hint of snow just for the sake of difference,

Last edited by foxmccloud64 - on 22 January 2021