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When you say "keep the Switch going" I'm guessing you're referring to systems being manufactured till about 2027. I say 2027 because it seems Sony and Microsoft are OK with 7 year console life cycles. However that could change this generation with 5-6 years since technology is progressing fast. I think it can last till 2027, but the games need to keep coming and the system's need to have good prices. Imagine in 2024 the Switch Lite is $100 and the regular Switch is $150 along with Nintendo Selects for $20 each. They need to pretty much do the same thing they did with the 3DS. The 3DS lasted until late 2020, so about a 9.5 year life cycle. Think about that, this very weak system came out at the end of the 7th generation (and kickstarted the 8th) which was nearly 3 years before the Xbox One and PS4 released, and ended production just 2 months before the Xbox Series and PS5 released. On top of that it had no new major games for over a year from 3rd parties and Nintendo. That system kept going for another year because it was very cheap and the games (Nintendo Selects) were cheap also. Since the 3DS could do that then I think the Switch can also. The 3DS's life cycle was 9.5 years, so if the Switch can do 10 years then it would still be around in 2027, which is when the next Xbox and PS6 are predicted to release.