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hinch said:

Capcom, Square Enix Guerilla Games and Remedy are bad devs now.. wut? lol.

My pick would be Dead Space 1 and 2 by Viceral Games. The rest of their output was just okay, to simply bad.

I think at least one user who read the topic title thought it was the other way around; as in bad games from good devs like with X-2 lol.  Funny enough I don't consider that a bad game by any means, just not quite up to snuff.

Edit: This is actually kind of a hard question to answer.  But I guess I'll put Battletanx.  I keep hearing bad things about 3DO's output, but Battletanx and Battletanx Global Assault were very fun games.  First Battletanx was one of my favorite N64 games and one of the best split screen multiplayer and offline bot multiplayer games I ever played imo.  There's just not been anything like it since either.

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