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SvennoJ said:
LurkerJ said:

What are the totals like now for most countries? Which countries have actually managed to keep the virus at bay? It looks like the west is somewhat equally screwed. 

You can check all the totals here

Top 5, cases / deaths

USA 22.5 million / 379K
India 10.5 million / 151K
Brazil  8.0 million / 202K
Russia 3.4 million / 61K
UK 3.0 million / 81K

Vietnam is doing really well for its size, only 1500 cases and 35 deaths on a population of 96 million.

Their strategy obviously works, if it's one you would want to live in is a different question

Yet there are parallels with New Zealand and Taiwam

Other countries, such as Taiwan and New Zealand, have likewise been remarkably successful in cultivating high levels of social cohesion, which helped to keep the pandemic at bay. No matter what the means are, it is clear that those who stay united manage to persevere in the face of the hardest situations.

Clear and consistent messaging bordering on indoctrination together with strong social cohesion is what works. Shouting fake news and standing up for your rights not to wear a mask, does not help.

I don't know if I care that much about the total number of infected people to be honest. Almost everyone I know who got infected almost did it to themselves deliberately, by taking masks lightly and going on lunch breaks or socializing without masks. I have managed to avoid it by wearing the simplest of masks so far, despite the heavy daily exposure. It does seem like carelessness affects the careless the most, and had minimal effect on me. Early on we had contradicting evience and short supplies of masks, it's not the case anymore and in the majority of cases seem self-inflicted.