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I felt that the quiz was okay, but that it felt dated to me. There are raging debates in America today about the proper role of police in our society, about gender identity and to what extent people and institutions should be legally forced to support its legal implications, about specific social issues that overlap with market politics like what public policy should be vis-a-vis the sex industry, and more, and these questions really do seem to be just ignored like it's 2005. The quiz even refers to same-sex marriage as "gay marriage", which hasn't been the generally preferred terminology in quite a long time now. Just the general mentality of it seems old to me. Precisely because so many of these topics that I care about a lot are simply ignored, the result is that, on balance, the quiz makes me appear a bit more socially liberal than I otherwise would.

In terms of economic policy, I'm a democratic socialist. I'm greedy. I'd like to eat without having to use food stamps and go hunting on occasion and think it might be nice to have a hospital in town again too and feel that that's more important than millionaires being able to vacation in low-Earth orbit in private space craft in a few years. In terms of foreign policy, I'm pretty moderate; I'm for high defense spending and active promotion of democracy and human rights abroad, but generally oppose the use of military force toward those ends (though there are exceptions; I completely agreed with our tacit military support for the Kurds' fight against ISIS for example). On social policy, I'm pretty permissive, except of exploitation and abuse. People as far as I'm concerned should have the right to say what they want with honesty and openness because that's the only way we can even understand each other. No one has the right to sell someone else's body for money though and no one has a right to buy anyone else. Police should be responding to violent crimes at most, not to mental breakdowns or just people walking down the street. Men should play on the men's athletic teams and use their own locker rooms and stay out of women's prisons and shelters for battered women. People have the right to defend themselves from physical attack with armed force, but not to own a military-grade arsenal with which to shoot up schools. The environment needs to be more aggressively protected. People should wear their goddamn masks. As far as same-sex attraction is concerned, I'm kind of offended that people even consider equal rights a political issue. As far as "religious liberty" is concerned, don't worry I have no interest in getting married at a church at all, let alone one that hates my guts. But frankly I think religious institutions just want to be above the law really. That's why a "religious exemption" to everything, everything, all laws, is demanded. No. Sorry, but being religious shouldn't render you exempt from the law or get you special treatment. You're an equal, not a superior like you seem to think you are! Hating me for being gay doesn't actually make you special and entitled to your own separate, weaker set of laws. Also, you don't get to blow up the Capitol and seize control of the government by armed force because your candidate lost. Hope I'm not setting the bar too high here.

Okay, so anyway, my results...

Last edited by Jaicee - on 07 January 2021