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The Switch has been a major success so far, reaching historic proportions in sales as it'll likely sell close to 30M in one year, which is unprecedented for any home console. I am very happy it is this much of a success.

However, as crazy as it may sound, I believe the Switch could be doing even better than what it is doing right now even when it is breaking sales records left and right. I believe that if 3rd Party Switch games are advertised more heavily by Nintendo, I think literally everyone and their mother will purchase a Switch and it will be the undisputed greatest selling console ever.

The reason why I believe this is because I notice there seems to be a large market of people who primarily only play multiplat 3rd Party games, such as the casual sport game players, the COD players, and more. And despite how well the Switch is selling right now, there is still a pretty big chunk of people who aren't interested in the Switch since they aren't interested in just Nintendo games and typically aren't aware that the Switch has more than Nintendo games and has nearly every major 3rd Party Franchise on it.

Despite 3rd party games for the most part selling well on the Switch, I still tend to notice a big chunk of people who are completely unaware that the Switch is getting all these multiplats, and I notice when they do realize the Switch has the 3rd Party game they like they immediately grow an interest towards a Switch since the Switch has the unique advantage of being able to play a console multiplat portably, something PS or Xbox can't offer.

There were many times I saw people surprised seeing me play 3rd Party games like Mortal Kombat 11, NBA2k, Witcher 3, Doom. I noticed many people legitimately didn't know the Switch got all these 3rd party games, as they immediately assume that the Switch doesn't get the same 3rd party games PS and Xbox do. This is something that happens too often and I feel like Nintendo should capitalize on this problem.

It's easy to see why people assume Switch doesn't get 3rd Party Games, literally for 25 years since the N64 Nintendo has always missed out on most mulitplats as Nintendo built up an image of having mainly Nintendo games on their systems. However, I believe if Nintendo shows people all these 3rd party games they have on Switch and show the value of being able to play these games anytime anywhere, I think the Switch could appeal to even more people then they are right now.

Nintendo has advertised 3rd Party Games various times in their ads. However, I think they should double down on this, make people aware of these 3rd party games on a portable device. Everyone already knows about the Nintendo games on the Switch, show people what they are unaware of like the 3rd Party Games on Switch.