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3 more animes for December, but one was 48 episodes, and the other 5 minute episodes.

Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu (24 episodes)- I waited awhile before watching more 7 Deadly Sins. The overarching plot is quite enjoyable, making every episode seems like it counts... that is until the flashback episodes. And the training episodes... as well as the useless powerlevels. Disappointing, but the fights were still enjoyable. The undying can also be an issue, but unlike some anime this one does do it a bit better. I also love that some of my favorite evil characters weren't all that evil and got a lot of screentime as good characters. In the end though, they became useless, in fact most people are useless, especially female characters. Still it ended on a good note. OP was good. meh ED. Decent music throughout.

Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin (24 episodes)- The followup was about half flashbacks, half actual plot. I felt like between the flashbacks of all the seasons, they could have made a separate anime with the flashback content. In fact someone should make a guide of following the anime with and without flashbacks, would save some people time. The actual plot was okay, and the animation while poor, didn't really matter that much. The fights ended up with nothing being resolved. I feel that this is an anime that follows the manga very closely, so I can't really blame the anime for that. But yeah I felt like this could have been the last season without flashbacks and without the nonsense pace. Oh well guess another 24 episodes should do the trick. Meh OP and ED. Decent battle music throughout.

Netsuzou Trap -NTR- After 48 episodes of the same anime I needed a breather. This anime is only like 5 minutes long per episode, but it was still entertaining only because of my need for more yuri. So sad that the MC couldn't realize her love for women! I like how there is kind of an evil dude and nice dude, but the evil dude is cool and the nice dude is lame, kind of drives home the point. Sadly this anime won't get a sequel, and I might be too impatient to read the manga. I hope there is more yuri to come. meh OP and ED.

Konosuba Season 1 and 2 (22 episodes) - This show was praised to high heavens and I was slow to watch it, but I can see why. It is nice parody of all the isekai tropes. A comedy that made me laugh quite a few times. I also watched many videos/memes that use a "Explosion!" quote, and I finally get where it comes from. The pervert and an evil character made me laugh to tears, and thinking of the scene makes me laugh even now. It was the peak of the anime, but it was a great one. The goddess is so cute, and annoying, can't imagine how I would act around her. The MC while kind of typical has an uncanny steal ability that makes me wish an adult MMO had something like that. meh OP and ED

Maybe yearly report is next.

Last edited by Farsala - on 06 January 2021