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No Time to Die and Dune. Mostly Dune.

derpysquirtle64 said:

Tenet, No Time To Die and Dune. I actually wanted to watch Tenet at the cinema, but somehow during the timeframe when COVID cases were on decline, me and my friends opted for Blade Runner Director's Cut instead. Can't say that I regret this decision. Will probably watch Tenet a bit later at home.

Director's Cut or Final Cut?

Also you probably already know, but for anyone who doesn't, Blade Runner 2049 is directed by the same man who directed the new Dune (Part 1, and hopefully Part 2 soon).

I did see Tenet recently. I won't say it's not a techincally good movie, because it is well shot, very well acted and may be very well written (if I'm willing to sit through it again and hopefully pay better attention). But for my first time seeing it, I found it borderline unwatchable. Just too much Nolan for one movie to handle.