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mZuzek said:

You're not supposed to be exploring for "god tier" weapons. The reward of exploring the game is just more weapons, that's why the durability system is so important. If weapons didn't break, getting more weapons would be pointless. The whole game is designed around this system, it makes every weapon you get meaningful, because you're more than likely going to burn through them all.

That isn't to say the game couldn't work without a different reward system, it totally could. However, they decided to go with this reward system and for what it is, weapons breaking are crucial to the game.

Personally, I never had an issue with weapons breaking, if anything I thought that mechanic added a lot of fun to the game.

It made weapons meaningless to me, just fight with whatever the last enemy dropped, replace it with what the next enemy drops. I would have loved to keep more varied weapons on me, different ice, fire, magic weapons etc, to experiment. But limited inventory and stuff breaking all the time made it pointless to hang on to stuff to use at other parts of the map.

Anyway it didn't hinder me much. I played BotW for 170 hours, explored every last bit of the map, no fast travel. No memorable weapons or shields, literally can't remember any of the weapons, just the master sword. Great game, but the weapon system was not part of the greatness.