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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Dulfite said:

We all know this game will come out 7 years after it is announced, just like the previous game. 2028 looking nice!

Are we talking about Breath of the Wild, or Bayonetta 3, or Metroid Prime 4, or this game? 

Botw was announced 2013 and released 2017. Not close to 7 years.

Metroid Prime 4 announced in 2017. Not 7 years or even close to that yet. Also this has an entirety different studio working on it so it's different.

Bayo 3 announced December 2017, also not close to 7 years or close to it.

Unless those last two games come out in 2024/5 they won't take nearly as long as TLG did.