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Mr Puggsly said:
Pemalite said:

Only thing I disliked about the game was that it wasn't a full fat 1080P at a minimum with a 60fps framerate... And allot of the texturing was clearly low resolution, but that's Nintendo's antiquated hardware holding things back.

Keen for the sequel, hopefully it's more of a looker.

Well I played it entirely on a portable device and it looked good there. On the Switch Lite screen the game looked clean and sharp. The draw distance seemed pretty good as well. I haven't seen how the Switch version holds up on a large screen but I assume fairly well.

For comparison sake, I do own this game on Wii U and I played a while to see how it holds up. On Wii U, its a pixelated mess, I doubt it has any AA, I suspect it has reduced draw distance and performance is less stable. It was surprisingly less polished than I expected and the Wii U tablet screen isn't used for anything.

Anyhow, at the very least its an impressive looking game for a tiny device like Switch. Then you've got the option of Cemu for that high fidelity you desire.

Swapping between my copy on WiiU (Which is 720P on the TV) and Switch Portable (720P handheld) there is barely any difference. Draw distances and object density, graphics effects are absolutely identical.

Nintendo just doesn't employ any Anti-Aliasing or substantial amounts of Anisotropic Filtering.

Swapping between my WiiU on the TV and the Switch on the TV is where you find the differences as the Switch variant is 900P verses the WiiU being 720P which is a pixel difference of 56.25% in the Switch's favour which results in a cleaner image.

It's still a low-resolution, soft image on my 75" display, but it's still a step up. Both are a "pixelated mess".

Either way, they are the exact same game, play the exact same, use the same graphics effects... Only real differences is the Switch's Audio being superior and running at a higher resolution with more stable framerates.

There is absolutely no reason to replay the game on Switch if you have finished with the game on WiiU unless of course you felt like replaying the game for the sake of it and have it available.

Cemu does improve things, but it's still the same graphics engine at the core, which was impressive for 7th gen era hardware, but not so much now that we are in the 9th generation.

mZuzek said:

Wii U runs it at 720p, 30fps with occasional dips to 20fps.
Switch runs it at 900p, 30fps with uncommon dips to 20fps.
Cemu runs it at least at 1080p 60fps locked - at least that's how I played it, I can only imagine how far it can be taken.

So, yeah, even when it comes to Nintendo console exclusives - PC master race.

I'll expand on this...

Wii U Handheld. - 854x480. Aka. 480P.
Wii U TV. - 1280x720. Aka. 720P.
Switch Handheld. - 1280x720. Aka. 720P.
Switch TV. - 1600x900. Aka. 900P.

PC. - Anything. I.E. 11,520x4,320. Aka. 4k Eyefinity.
Last edited by Pemalite - on 04 January 2021

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