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RolStoppable said:

There's no need to worry about Japan's home console market anymore, because things are looking up. Here are a bunch of Famitsu sales numbers as of December 20th, 2020.

Last gen's total: 12.68m

PS4 - 9.27m
WIU - 3.30m
XB1 - 0.11m

The PS4 isn't done yet, so the final total will be a bit higher than the above, anywhere between 12.70 and 13.00m.

This gen's total: 14.31m

Switch - 14.04m
PS5 - 0.24m
XBS - 0.03m

And this gen isn't even remotely close to its end. Way to go, Japan.

Simple question to spur some discussion: Are you still worried about Japan's home console market?

I wasn't aware it still existed.