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Mnementh said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Rol, I find amusing how you classify Switch as home console or handheld based on whatever point you wants to make

Wants to prove how handheld market is alive and didn't suffered from competition with mobile? Then Switch is handheld
Wants to prove how home console market is not declining in Japan? Then Switch is a home console

Well, Switch obviously is both, that is not so difficult a concept. Just as humans are both animals and bipeds. Things can be categorized multiple times, these categories often aren't mutually exclusive.

I know it is, what I'm against is to make direct comparisons with older generations

This is a classic mathematic problem of comparing sets with elements in common 

In 8th gen or before you have the home console and handheld market very well outlined.

In 9th gen, not anymore with Switch counted for be it can deliver a false impression both segments are growing, when in reality is just Switch counting twice 

Torture the data until they scream what you want them to display I guess...