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I voted Witcher 3 as well.
I think it's a significantly better looking game than Doom Eternal - but the run around and shoot demons at arms-length in first person is no fun for me. I've seen a few videos of the game, and I'm not particularly impressed in comparison to Witcher 3 or Dragon Quest 11. Even though Doom Eternal was small areas and first person, it didn't seem to look as nice (at least to my eye) as Witcher 3 or Dragon Quest 11. Witcher 3's Toussaint area is beautiful.
Dragon Quest 11 is probably the port that had the most work put into it. That would have been my vote. Instead I picked Witcher 3, which I have put a lot of time into and am exceedingly impressed with it. - but, like Xenoblade and Animal Crossing games, I've run into item management problems. I feel like a hoarder.

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