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psychicscubadiver said:

Interesting. I'll definitely give this a follow.

Not sure I understand the Gaps Table, tho. Is it the Switch lead launch aligned? It couldn't be total gaps, but none of the numbers seem to add up either way.

Hi @psychicscubadiver  , I am glad you enjoy it. Let me try and give you some examples to make sure that everything is clear. Thanks @HigHurtenflurst for your explanation. I will use the same DS example:

The Switch was released on March, so each Year begins in march. Year 4 started March 2020 and ends February 2021.

When doing the gap comparison of both consoles, we take all the months that both consoles have a value for. In this table all those months have a color. So as you can see, for the gap chart we are not considering DS January, February or December.

On the table you can see the gap of each year, and the accumulative. The switch had a better year 1, but year 2 and 3 were in favor of the DS. Switch is currently leading year 4, but the DS has some strong months coming up.

The gap chart looks like this:

It has been a wonderful race, the NS had a great lead but the DS started to go fast quick.

Please let me know if this helped you understand the Gap Table, if not, I will gladly give more examples. If you did understand it, I would appreciate if you give me your opinion about it, do you like it?