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Special Note.  I recently deleted 2 courses from my uploaded course list.  Both courses contained unintended exploits that allowed the majority of the course to be skipped to the flagpole without actually playing through the course itself.  I didn't recognize these exploits until seeing the insanely short world record times being posted.  The most egregious of these was seeing my course "Greatest Hits: The 700 Series" beaten in 3 seconds.  The problem here was the direct result of my using a semisolid as part of Mario's house on the opening screen to provide a partial background behind the bricks and windows of the house as I have done on all my course with the "Mario Plays NES" theme.  Unfortunately, since this course needed to be combined with Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash, the Koopa Car requires the 3D World theme to be used.  And in 3D World, there is only 1 variation of semisolid, and it does not allow for anything to cover over the top layer of the semisolid rendering it a permanently exposed section.  Not thinking this through, I simply placed the bricks of Mario's house above and below this layer.  This left a small Mario sized gap that was able to be used to pass directly through Mario's house to the Warp Box that was intended to be used from the Flagpole jump at the end of the Super Mario Bros 1-1 section of Mario Plays NES Games to the back of Mario's house to obtain the Koopa Car for warping to the Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash section of the course.  In essence, this resulted in the course being able to be beaten in 3 seconds by passing directly through Mario's house on the opening screen and warping straight to the now open Flagpole jump.  I left it as is for a while, but once I started tracking more statistics in this thread, it never looked right as the "fastest World Record" among my courses, since the entire course itself was being skipped.  So, I decided to take the course down and tweak the design of Mario's house, so that the exploit was removed.  The course has now been reuploaded and I have updated the Course ID and Stats in the Op to reflect the Reuploaded version.  The fastest World Record mark among my courses has therefore reverted to the 0.13.194 mark set by ★Lime★ on Defend Yoshi's Island (50s).

The 2nd course that I removed for a similar reason was the "7 Labors of Hercules".  I have done the necessary tweaks to the course and will reupload it after the New Year.  Apologies to anyone who used the exploits to previously defeat or speedrun either of these course.  I hope that you will return to complete the intended paths.

Greatest Hits:  The 700 Series

Course ID: 8VK-75B-9GG

Description:  Celebrating 2 Courses that achieved the milestone of having been played by over 700 different people.  Greatest Hits:  The 700 Series combines Mario Plays NES Games with Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash into a single course.  Mario Plays NES Games maintains the core of Mario going home to play a level from "Mario Bros.", "Donkey Kong Jr.", and "Super Mario Bros.".  But, the theme has been upgraded from 8 bit to 3D in order to combine with the Super Mario 3D World theme of Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash.  In addition to this upgrade, the first screen level of Donkey Kong Jr. has been swapped out for a rendition of the 2nd screen with the spring and moving platforms.  This was mainly due to the unavailability of vines in the 3D World theme, which the first screen of Donkey Kong Jr heavily utilizes.  Most of the vines in this rendition of screen 2 have been represented by Twisters.  After finishing the three levels of Mario Plays NES Games, the player is transported to the back of Mario's house to obtain a Koopa Car and then enter the final level, Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash.  This version has been completely reinvented, but stays true to the spirit of the original and can still be played in multiplayer.  

*This course was taken down to remove an exploit that allowed the player to pass through the roof of Mario's house and transport directly to the Flagpole without actually playing any of the course.  Course ID and Stats have been updated to the reuploaded version.

Likes: 4

Played By: 7

Clears: 2

Attempts: 29

Clear Rate: 6.89%

First Clear:  Se7h

World Record: 3:01.098 (tangmaru)

Uploaded:  12/28/2020