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Playing games is always fun, but playing local multiplayer games is the most fun for me. There is a vast amount of gaming knowledge in this forum, so I am curious to learn about your experience and recommendations on what is your all time favorite local multiplayer game. 

The list is almost endless, but the history of games that I have enjoyed has a big history. 

Just to name a few: (EDIT: I added Fifa, I can't believe I left it out)

Game Console
Pong Arcade
Warlords Arcade
Puzzle Bobble Arcade
Chip and Dale NES
TMNT 2 Arcade NES
Lotus Turbo Genesis
Road Rash Genesis
Streets of Rage Genesis
Mario Party N64
Mario Kart N64
Goldeneye N64
WaveRace N64
Worms Armageddon PC
Risk PC
Wii Sports Wii
Fifa XBox360
Puyo Puyo Tetris Switch

But this thread is about naming the All-Time personal favorite. In my case, my all time Favorite is Mario Party. I first played it on N64, but I have enjoyed it in other consoles as well.

It is impossible to list all of them, but the Poll is about what console was your favorite game on.

What is your favorite All-Time Local multiplayer game?

Last edited by dmillos - on 28 December 2020