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I had good deal of memories with the 3, if I were to quantify it in terms of games that I love, it would be: Gamecube > Wii U = N64, edge to either depending on my mood.

The lunch box was a very formative console for me, it has the two greatest RPGs I have ever played Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos Origins, the peak of the Fire Emblem series with Path of Radiance, spent hours on end with Kirby's Air Ride, City Trial is still the best extra mode for a racing game ever made. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat remains one of the most original platformers, and after replaying Sunshine recently, I can safely say that my mind exaggerated the more frustrating parts of that game (I swear the chuckster mission was shorter than I remember) still has the more flaws of a 3D Mario game, but it remains excellent title. Wind Waker stands as my second favorite Zelda game, the sense of adventure was unmatched for me until Breath of the Wild. Metroid Prime is still best Metroid and its sequel isn't too far behind. Among other gems there is the Viewtiful Joe games, wacky Wario World and Ware, Luigi's Mansion, have a soft spot for Star Fox Assault. The birth of the Pikmin series, the best version of Soul Calibur II, Custom Robo baybee, etc. 

Like despite the fate of the Gamecube, it has a Legendary library of games. The one sting of disappointment is that its Paper Mario wasn't as good as the N64 one. Also Pichu, Dr. Mario and Roy in Melee.

Then there is the Wii U, the best and the second/third best action game was conceived there, Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2. The world of Xenoblade X still stands as my favorite from the series and the one to truly captivate me as a whole, Woolly World is the closest game to ever reach the magic of Yoshi's Island. Has my favorite Mario Kart, Tropical Freeze is the best DK game, Pikmin 3 is excellent, 3D World is one of the most consistently great games out there. Shantae's and the Pirate's Curse still the best Shantae game, and Splatoon was born there, so another good time to be had.

The low points were its Mario Tennis, Paper Mario was still fumbling about, and Game & Wario wasn't as good as the Ware titles.

N64 has Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Kirby 64 are still Legendary and hold up for me to this day, there is my favorite 2D platformer Mischief Makers, the excellent Sin & Punishment, Star Fox 64 is still pretty addictive, Pokemon Puzzle League traumatized me for the rest of my life, and Paper Mario is pretty cool game. Like there are less games that I love compared to the Wii U, but they impacted me just as much if not more than the Wii U games in some instances, so it kind of balances out there.

So yea, Gamecube is good.

Last edited by ARamdomGamer - on 29 December 2020