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Hello everyone, I have been working for a while on a report that can facilitate the analysis of how a console is doing every month. This is a first draft and I am writing here because I am sure that there are valuable opinions in this forum that can help create the best report possible. 

If this is something you feel that would be fun to look at every month for the active consoles, then I will gladly keep updating them monthly.

Here is what the report currently looks like:

There are 5 main components:

1) Total Sales (All-Time chart): This chart is designed to highlight how close or how recent the console is to another all time console. This table includes all the consoles, not just the ones we have weekly data for. The chart will adjust to show consoles that are nearby, there is no reason to see right now how far the PS5 is to the PS2, Instead we can see how close it is to the Atari 7800. 

2) Gaps Table: This module tries to compare apples to apples. The PS4 has been released for 84 months, so what we do is compare against other consoles on their 84th month. Also, if a console has been released for less time, then we compare both consoles based on the newest console. This is able to give us an idea of how other consoles were doing at the same time. This is very similar to @trunkswd gap charts, but there is a fundamental difference. This chart is Month aligned. What this means is that for example the PS5 has been released for one month (November). So the gap chart with the Switch looks at how much the Switch made in its first november.

3) Latest Month: This component focuses on the most recent month, it shows how it compared against all other consoles (rank), it shows how the units sold compare to what it sold last year on the same month and it shows all the times this console has been out during this month.

4) Next Month: This gives us a glimpse of what to expect next month, it shows a little bit of the history of the console during the month and it shows what console holds the record for this particular month.

5)Year on Year: This component shows each year how much the console sold, it also splits the bar to show how much each of the months represented. It is important to highlight that a year is not calendar or fiscal, it starts counting from the moment the console is released and ends after the 12th month ends. This allows for all consoles to have a year 1 with 12 months (making them easier to compare).

Thank you for your time reading this, hopefully you will find that this sort of report could be fun to look at each month. My plan is to only have it here on vgchartz, therefore I am extremely interested in your opinion. I am completely open to any cool ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism. Please let me know if you like this with a vote or a thumbs up.

So what do you think? What seems to be the most interesting component? Is there anything you would add or change?