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dmillos said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:

Will they? Both? Just one of them?

Hi @Alby_da_Wolf It seems like PS5 has the best chance of doing this. Here is how long it took other home consoles:

Your question is basically if it is able to reach 13.6M in under 57 weeks. The PS4 was able to achieve it in 52 weeks. Considering that weeks 53-57 are holiday season, then it seems pretty safe to say that PS5 should be able to achieve it. Xbox seems to have a slower pace at the beginning, therefore it seems like a tough target.

Except that is from 0 and the op is pitting whatever they sell this year + 20201 vs the 13.56 millions of the wii U. Both sould sell more than 3 this year and more than 10 in 2021 . They Have that new console smell so they should sell well next year.