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dmillos said:

I have the same confusion, I think that is what is going on, which makes it a bit tough to easily compare consoles, specially when they are really close.

What do you think about trying  to divide the week by 7 and just multiplying by the days each month has for that week. It wouldn't be exact but it should be a bit closer to reality in all cases.

One down side of doing that is that it wouldn't match VGChartz values and it might make it a bit tougher for people to double check. In that case, trying to match VGChartz would be most appropiate (although tough when dealing with two different ways of sorting at the same  time).

What do you recommend?

Was just looking into the crossover January weeks and found it is not consistant (or maybe the method eludes me):

w/e jan 3rd 2009 = Dec08
w/e jan 4th 2014 = Dec13
w/e jan 3rd 2015 = Jan15*

So a week that ended Jan 4th was part of the previous year, then the next year a week ending Jan 3rd was part of the new year

However after that I found something else, unless I am mistaken there seems to be an error in December 2015 for the VGC graphs.
For Nov 2015 I checked both PS4 & WiiU and it is classed as the 4-weeks ending Nov28th
Jan 2016 is classed as the 4-weeks ending Jan30th

The 5-weeks inbetween those two periods though do not add-up correctly to what the monthly graphs say.... So December 2015 includes 6 weeks which seem to be the 5 weeks ending Jan2nd 2016 but also adding in the week ending Jan3rd 2015 as well.

*Edit: Just checked and it isn't actually counted in Dec 2014 or Jan 15... but instead added into Dec 2015 for some reason.

Last edited by HigHurtenflurst - on 23 December 2020