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dmillos said:
HigHurtenflurst said:

Neither is correct, as long as you are consistant.

If you are looking at comparing months to historical months it might be best to do what NPD does, always have months with the same number of weeks where possible (I think last month of every quarter is 5 weeks, then every few years they have to have January as 5 weeks as well to reset it)

Thank you @HigHurtenflurst That is very insightful. Do you know if this is the way VGChartz decides how to do month totals?

I agree that consistency is the best thing. And comparing months makes sense that it is with equal amounts of weeks. This would work very well exept for the occasional January.

Pretty sure the graphs in the tools section of VGC use week-ending method for month (I havent checkes every 5-week month but those that I have consitantly include weeks ending 1st/2nd/3rd within that same month, so I believe the week ending 2nd Jan 2021 will be counted in the January totals when you arrange by month)

However Trunkswd mentioned in another thread that for yearly totals it might be different as some past years have had weeks ending in early Jan counted toward previous year totals... Which if true is kinda odd.