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Dulfite said:
Vodacixi said:

Can I just express my sadness for this placement without having the intention of trying to argue with you about it? xD

You may, that is your right! I've discovered I love star wars for very different reasons than most. I love it for the sith/jedi conflict and the politics. The Darth Bane and Thrawn Trilogies are my favorite Star Wars stories because of that. 

Rise of Skywalker had fun new force abilities, dove deep into the ancient sith (which I loved reading about and learning about in Darth Bane trilogy and Knights of the Old Republic games and books), made Rey a huge somebody and not some loser nobody, displayed the full range of Adam Driver's emotional capabilities, had glorious battles, brought back fan favorite characters, did not insult the fan base like The Last Jedi did, had Luke do some extraordinary intragalatic force projection, brought back the concept of Essence Transfer first established by Darth Bane (who also established the rule of two concept), had sith holocrons and other artifacts. Honestly if they brought Hayden Christensen back in the flesh it may be my favorite ever. It's like someone at Disney made every decision in The Last Jedi to make me hate it and in the final film basically every decision to cater to what I would want.

The Rise of Skywalker did not, in any way, "dive deep" into the Sith. It was a surface grazing if anything. Sure, we go see Exegol (whatever the fuck that's supposed to be), and there's some shit there that's never explained neither directly nor indirectly. It made Rey "somebody", but in basically the lamest way possible. She's the granddaughter of someone we thought was dead, and there was no foreshadowing of his being alive, or her true lineage at all. All it did was show that you have to have good genes to be powerful with the force--great message there: be born to the right people and you can be a big shot! To be fair, George did set us on that path with Midichlorians and Anakin being Force Jesus, but what about the spiritual side of the force? Shouldn't your power in the force come mostly from your spiritual connection with it? 

The Rise of SKywalker is not just the worst Star Wars movie I've ever seen, it is probably the worst movie I've ever paid to see from a plot/storytelling/pacing/etc. point of view. It's just a shit movie.