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I think what CDPR needs to do here is put their heads down, fix the game on all platforms, then give away the first planned paid DLC for free, or reduce the price by 50% or something, as a show of goodwill. Apologies are bullshit in situations like this. They very clearly did this on purpose.
They're only sorry that it blew up in such a big way they certainly knew they would catch some flak, but I'm sure they didn't think it would go this crazy. At this point, they have to accept the fact that everybody knows that they tried to pull one over on the gaming public, and they need to actually do something to demonstrate that they're sorry, rather than just say it.

An alternative would be something like reducing the price of the game to $40, and sending everyone that paid the original retail price a $20 credit to the platform store of their choice. One way or another, they have to give some monetary relief to everyone that they screwed. And, let's be clear, they screwed people with current generation platforms and PC gamers as well. The game is loaded with bugs on all systems. This fact has just been overshadowed by the incredibly poor performance on last gen hardware.