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LudicrousSpeed said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:

Will we ever see a "director's cut" of this game, with all the corners cut and missing contets restored and the dumbing down reversed, on top of bug fixing and optimisation that are just the strict necessary?
Or will the Witcher trilogy remain the high and glorious peak of their career, followed by a sudden, sad and inglorious downfall?

Downfall? Cyberpunk has sold millions and has great reviews. You’re putting a bit too much stock into the faux outrage, and also greatly overestimating the effect the outrage will have on their future. There have been countless games launch with big issues and the studios turn out just fine. Look at Bethesda Game Studios. Look at BioWare. Look at numerous Ubisoft and EA studios. 

They could announce Witcher 4 next month and people will be extremely excited. 

But will their millions sold (subtract the ones bring returned as we speak) offset their insane 8 years of development on the game?