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Jpcc86 said:

1.- Empire Strikes Back
2.- A New Hope
5.- Return of the Jedi
6.- Clone Wars (tv series)
7.- Revenge of the sith
8.- Force Awakens
9.- Phantom Menace
10.- Last Jedi
11.-  Attack of the Clones
12.- Solo
13.- Rise of Skywalker
14.- Clone Wars (2008 film)

Havent seen Rebels. 

I rank it pretty high, its got everything I like of the Star Wars universe, it feels self contained, expands on the universe, its got very good production values for whats essentially a tv series. It is both interesting and original and I absolutely love the pacing, goes from less to more and more in a very rewarding way for the audience.

Maybe I'll elaborate more later, as for now thats all I got. 

What I'm liking the most about it is that it is filling the gaps between the OG trilogy and the sequel trilogy quite nicely. One of my many issues with the TFA is that we were thrown into a world where the Republic and The Empire were back to the exact same state where they were before the Empire's defeat; with the only difference being that this time the rebels were called "The Resistance" and the empire was called "The New Order"