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dx11332sega said:

Also Cyber shadow seems like a sleeper hit The pixel art does not bother me It's gameplay seems strong and I'm reminded of strider from Xbox one and PS4 Or the messenger on Nintendo switch

Ironic its a thread about Eshop games (and how not to waste money, and potentially get a bad one), and the first game you link, is one that has me think "that looks so indie, and dated, it seems like a waste of money".

Now granted, differnt tastes and all that.
Its just, alot of those smaller indie games, feel like their stuck in the past.
These low poly, pixil art small resolution, platformers.... are like something outta the 90's.

If your worried about wasteing money, go bigger.... usually AAA games dont dissapoint, to nearly the same degree as indie games will.
(buying AAA doesnt have to be super expensive either, just dont buy day1, wait until they get discounted (most games do), and you build up backlogs eitherway)