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Darwinianevolution said:

I'll pitch in. I think I've rated around 152 games I have on my list.

Also, in the top 50 list, are we taking into account a minimum number of reviews per title? Otherwise there will be a lot of 10s with only one or two reviews (I can see a couple of those already).

Yeah I thought about that just haven't gotten around to it. But reviews are a lot less than user scores, and I don't know how to check how many user scores a game has, do you? I tried to look for it but was unsuccessful.

This is all I can see on a game:

"Community Stats

Owners: 1 (Add)

Favorite: 0

Tracked: 0 (Add)

Wishlist: 1 (Add)

Now Playing: 0"

But that doesn't show how many users have scored the game.

Last edited by Dulfite - on 16 December 2020