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What game series or developers have, in your opinion, fallen off this past generation? This could mean being lower quality, weaker sales, or just in general took a turn you didn't like.


  • Quality of Fallout Series
    • Fallout 3 and New Vegas  --> Fallout 76. People always loved Fallout for the strong multiplayer component right?
  • Halo Sales
    • Halo 3 pulling shy of 15 million to Halo 5 pulling around 5 million (~66% decrease in sales).
    • Shooters now selling more than Halo that sure as hell weren't last gen: Splatoon, Uncharted, Destiny (new IP), Battlefield. Does this mean Inklings are more popular than Spartans???
  • Bungie's Independence Underwhelms?
    • Going from pumping out blockbuster GOTY contenders like Halo 3 to games that aren't really critically acclaimed and sell well, but not exactly blockbuster well. Certainly failed to match the lofty expectations EA and the public set for them when they moved on from Halo.
    • Imagine promising to build an exciting new sci-fi universe and then just... don't. Gottem.
  • Mass Effect/Bioware fumbling the bag
    • Going from a critically acclaimed and loved trilogy (minus the ME3 ending grumbles) to widely panned Andromeda.
    • Oregon Trail in space is still a cool idea though.
  • Pikmin
    • Until Pikmin 4 releases (it won't) Hey! Pikmin is the torchbearer of the franchise. Don't care what you say. You can rerelease Pikmin 3 as many times as you like, you still won't change my mind. It was released in 2017 too, and should count for the purposes of this thread.
  • Pokemon
    • Gotta catch 'em all? How about just some of them? Also, they know less moves. And all that power in the Switch? Lets just not use it m'kay.

What else (or who else) has fallen off and why?

"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." -My good friend Mark Aurelius