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Mnementh said:

And a new batch of games to guess:

#23: Return to Zork guessed by UnderwaterFunktown

#22: UFO: Enemy Unknown/X-COM: UFO Defense guessed by Jpcc86

What caused the hollowborn?
Maybe killing a god?
You can recruit one of the guys who was involved in the god-killing to your party.

#20: Fire Emblem Awakening guessed by S.Peelman
This 3DS-game was turning point for the series with the most successful entry so far and improving even more since.

Transhumanism is causing problems in society, a revolution brewing.

I want to become a pirate!

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Draw maps on graph paper in your school notebook.

Solving puzzles over different time periods.

21) Dark Souls?

19) Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

18) AC4: Black Flag?

17) Could be lots of things but The Last Guardian?

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