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Chris Hu said:

Its not trolling its facts selling 1.6 consoles on Black Friday week without any major sales during a pandemic is more impressive then the PS5 launch.

Chris Hu said:

I'm not downplaying anything I'm just giving facts.  I'm pretty sure the Switch is also the first console that sold over 70 million units without a price cut.

I am all for being a fan of a platform and all that.. take me for instance, I am a die hard PS fan. I don't think there is any shame in having a preference. However, the line is drawn when someone goes from being a fan to being a fanboy. And silly comments or takes like what you have just made are reflective of that. So I don't even know where to begin. Anyways, to address the two things...

  1. We are talking about consoles launches or their launch month, not the black Friday or even monthly sales of an established platform. So the fact that you use BF sales as the crux of your argument already invalidates everything you say. Console launches as everyone should know are affected by a myriad of factors. But it's even silly for me to have to explain that to you. Anyways, when making comparisons, take the context into count. So how about you compare the Switch launch sales to the launch sales of the new consoles? 
  2. Another stupid thing to say... while the Switch has not got a "price drop", it also has got a 33% cheaper model. Let's not forget that it's also in the price bracket of $200 - $300.

All that aside are literally downplaying.Because the "facts" you are pointing out has nothing to do with the actual matter being discussed.