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mutantsushi said:
Intrinsic said:


I know, right? Maybe he doesn't care about fact of Sony breaking record, but then why come to this thread and comment on it?
So clearly it is impressive enough that he feels he must engage counter narrative against it. Just feels like trolling,
when the issue is clearly factual and relevant to website nominally based on tracking stuff like console sales.
It's like if somebody came here and said how they don't like videogames and they don't matter. I mean, that may be
their opinion but de facto it's hostile to the ongoing topic, not actually engaging the topic as it exists.
I don't know why he didn't just start thread for his own preferred topic, but oh yeah, this topic is so unimpressive he must undermine it.

Its not trolling its facts selling 1.6 consoles on Black Friday week without any major sales during a pandemic is more impressive then the PS5 launch.