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shikamaru317 said:

Supposedly Xbox Series production started like 2 months later than PS5 production because MS had to wait longer on their AMD chipset. That seems to have really hurt their launch supply. Demand is far higher than supply, was the opposite for XB1 back in 2013, you could walk into just about any retailer and find an XB1 by Black Friday week, whereas Xbox Series is still sold out everywhere in most countries, including the US. MS is saying that demand is high enough that there may still be sellouts in March. 

That's BS... not peaking to you directly but speaking to that narrative of MS waiting for "fullRDNA2".

MS has had their full final chipset since last year. Its like people forget that MS showed the teardown of their console before sony even showed the box of theirs. Or people don't realize that the case design is the absolute last thing any company does when making a console. This means that by TGA last year when the series X was revealed, MS had already built that conole.

When MS says they are waiting for fullRDNA2, what they are really saying in PR gloss, is "it's taken us longer than we expected moving romXDK to GDK and making GDK feature complete and identical to RDNA2 and we are still working on optimizing our dev kit/tools".