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sales2099 said:

Xbox continues to “get me”, having played this a ton on N64. The game was ahead of its time in terms of console FPS and was a complete package in many respects. This game has to nail the AI, the gadgets, and ways to approach each objective.

They probably won’t go the alien route like the first one did. I had a soft spot for Skedar guns (Slayer in particular) 

I am curious to know how they will take the story. The Aliens were a cool aspect of the OG, Falling in-between two fighting Alien races looking for the highly advanced 3rd Alien race's Star Ship which crashed landed on Earth. It would be cool if they at least acknowledged the existence as it was an important part to the lore.

I play a lot of FPS games and i can still say PD does things better in some aspects and the game is 20 years old! like being able to shoot 99% of lights causing darkness whenever necessary, you can completely black out the entire first mission building if you wanted to. Enemies still do things in PD that they don't do in more modern day FPS games. The amount of options they have always keeps you on your feet. 

I am hoping they nail everything you mentioned, the A.I, the gadgets, the environment and the weapons. Guns like the Laptop Gun and the Far Sight are iconic.