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Perfect bloody Dark.. is now officially revealed as the AAAA budgeted game being developed by The Intuitive full of industry veterans.

New Teaser Trailer

This game has me excited.

Now for those new to Perfect Dark here is a brief idea below.

Those who care about scores, The first game which released on the N64 in May 2000, was considered one of the best games ever made and Rares greatest achievement. Scoring a legendary 97 Meta for its time, putting it into the Elite of the Elite category of games.

Not only did Perfect Dark nail the single player aspect, surpassing Golden Eye 64, it also offered one of the most fully featured games with MP modes, Bots, Challenges, 3 different ways to play the SP game, like Solo, Co-Op and the unique Vs Co-Op where a friend will play as a random enemy trying to stop the main player from achieving there objectives and missions and bonus missions. 

PD was known for its AI for the time, and AI in PD is still top tier even for today's standards, providing enemies that can trick you, and the stealth elements are still amazing, weather you shoot the lights out to sneak past, or turn the lights on if enemies are wearing Night Vision googles to blind them. You could shoot guns out of enemy hands where they have multiple ways of dealing with you, they can surrender, wait for you to turn your back and pull out a pistol or just run after there main weapon you shot away. This game is packed full of options to play and will still surprise some when playing different play throughs.

Perfect Dark on the N64 is one of my favorite games i have ever played, its up their with Half Life and Halo for me and seeing the IP in the hands of a high budgeted studio has me extremely excited. 

If you never played PD, i recommended playing Perfect Dark HD available on Xbox as it runs at a silky smooth 60fps at 1080p plus uses the Xbox controller. I completed 100% of PD on the N64 and as much as i loved it, playing it on that old hardware and controller i wouldn't do again, it was quite ambition and unstable most of the time.

Oh and the music is also top of its class as well, have a good listen.

My actual copy below.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 11 December 2020