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Jumpin said:
Slownenberg said:

I don't think anyone expects PS5 to be anything other than the worst selling PS console in Japan in both hardware and software. Playstation is on the decline in Japan as Nintendo is set to continue its domination of the country. Though this launch/holiday period has so far been beyond abysmal for the PS5.

I wonder if in the next few years we'll see Japanese-centric third party games move from Playstation to the Switch and later Switch 2 as it really doesn't make sense to make big huge AAA games geared toward the Japanese market exclusively for a system that is probably only going to sell at best 8 million systems in the country when the Switch will likely top 30 million.

It depends. It would be ridiculous if Dragon Quest 12 didn't prioritize the Switch/Switch 2.
Final Fantasy? Hard to say. Square has committed to PS5 for FF16, I can't see that changing for FF17 very easily... Maybe if Dragon Quest sells something like 6M+ on Switch.

If Xenoblade Chronicles X2/3, or whatever Monolithsoft's next project is, sells ridiculous numbers on Switch, FF17 might be on Switch 2 or 3.

imagine Xenoblade 3 selling more then FF16, at least in japan, finally proving mololyth's (former square devs) vision for final fantasy was the correct one lol