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Torillian said:
Dulfite said:

I don't know if it will. I don't thing TGA is woke-leaning politically speaking, I could be wrong and maybe they are. There have been a enough Nintendo nominations and awards that I feel like they are fairly center, politically speaking, considering Nintendo games are about as anti woke as games can get.

It may just win because it's a good game with the highest metacritic score of the nominees....could be that too.

And now I'm curious, what would you say makes Nintendo games the most "anti woke"? 

White plumber (higher paid working class) saving a blonde, tall princess and making tons of money along the way. Samus is a tall blonde that has model-like physique. They have, almost exclusively, feminine and masculine characters. By the way, I'm not saying what my opinions are on this here because I don't want people trying to argue this way or that, simply answering how I think Nintendo is very traditional.