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In honor of The Game Awards (TGA) coming up tomorrow, let’s reflect on what truly makes TGA more memorable than any other show; the cringe. What awkward moments are you looking forward to the most? Vote and comment below!

Also, I will be updating this with who won what category if I feel motivated to do so. If I am delayed from doing so it is probably due to watching reaction videos to people laughing at the cringe moments we are about to experience, please understand.

15 Crazy And Cringe Moments From The Game Awards - YouTube

Nominees | The Game Awards

Game Announcements:

Tchia (no one knows how to pronounce this)

Sea of Solitude port (coming to Switch, is this connected to Sea of Thieves?)

Shady Part of Me (available now)

Nier Replicant (I think this was just a troll move?)

We Are OFK (we meant to spell it AFK but we screwed up and by golly we are sticking with OFK!)

Century: Age of Ashes (DragonFox 64)

Sephiroth coming to Smash Bros. (He has big stick and go slice-slice)

Perfect Dark (Xbox, I guess the first one wasn't perfect if we needed a sequel)

Back4Blood (the 127864th Zombie game)

Scavengers (pc closed beta starts)

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

The Callisto Protocol (the 127865th Zombie game)

Open Roads

Disco Elysium The Final Cut (Free upgrade, the sarcasm is strong)

Dragon Age (vague, is this a remake or sequel, who knows?)

Endless Dungeon

Crimson Desert (gameplay footage shown)

Swedish Chef coming to Overcooked 2

Season (PS5)

Ark 2 (a much desired sequel)

Elite Dangerous (You can walk now, hurray)

Fist (Animal warfare)

Evil Dead (Will the Army of Darkness return?!)

Ghosts' n Goblins (Switch, I got nothing)

Microsoft Flight Simulator (coming to Xbox, at 2 FPS)

Returnal (PS5, I guess Takebackal was taken...)

Super Meatboy Forever (Probably shouldn't eat meat that's been around forever...)

Road 96 (Sequel to Fallout 76?)

It Takes Two (no throuples allowed)

The Elder Scroll: Gates of Oblivion (The oblivion of glitches)

Oddworld Soulstorm

Monster Hunter Rise (coming March)

Evil West (Van Helsing slays the Wild West)

Scarlet Nexus (coming summer, Astral Plains 2?)


MasterChief coming to Fortnight (Because Swedish Chef was already signed on for a different game)

Fallout 76 DLC ($200 a month? Hopefully not...)

Ruined King (You like WoW graphics from 2004? Then play our game!)

GTA Online (The Sims)

Humankind (If you don't Love Lucy, you gonna die)

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond (free with an SSD so you can actually download it)

Mass Effect Will Continue (I hope that's the actual title for the lulz)

Game Awards:

Game of the Year: The Last of Us Part 2 Best Game Direction: The Last of Us Part 2 Best Narrative: The Last of Us Part 2 Art Direction: Ghost of Tsushima Score and Music: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Audio Design: The Last of Us Part 2
Performance: The Last of Us Part 2 Games for Impact: Tell Me Why Ongoing: No Man's Sky Indie: Hades Mobile Game: Among Us Community Support: Fall Guys
VR/AR: Half-Life Alyx Innovation In Accessibility: The Last of Us Part 2 Action: Hades Action/Adventure: The Last of Us 2 Roleplaying: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fighting: Mortal Combat 11 Ultimate
Family: Animal Crossing New Horizons Sim/Strategy: Microsoft Flight Simulator Sports/Racing: Tony Hawk's Pro-skater 1&2 Multiplayer: Among Us Content Creator of the Year: Valkrae Debut Game: Phasmophobia

Publisher Rankings by Awards Earned:

Sony - 8

Supergiant Games - 2

Square Enix - 2

Microsoft - 2

InnerSloth - 2

Valve - 1

Activision - 1

Nintendo - 1

Devolver Digital - 1

Kinetic Games - 1

Hello Games - 1

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment - 1

Last edited by Dulfite - on 11 December 2020