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New Course uploaded this weekend and updated to OP.  I've been dabbling with some course types that I have not previously done before, and this weekend I was inspired to do my first ever "puzzle/quiz" type course.  I've seen a lot of "choose which one is different" picture courses, and other similar ideas, but I wanted to put my own unique spin on the concept.  So, I came up with the idea of being able to play 21 Blackjack.  I had to modify the rules a bit in order to meet the restrictions on # of parts that could be used.  So, the player and dealer will only be able to draw 1 additional card after the first 2 cards have been dealt.  There is no option to "Split" or get "Insurance" either.  I was able to work enough with the parts restriction to create 4 separate hands followed by a bonus minigame.  I included 2 checkpoints, so that it wouldn't get tedious having to redo earlier hands if you bust on a later hand.  I created my own deck with 4 different suits (Note Block, ? Block, POW Block, & Cloud), and the numbers and face cards represented by various powerups and enemies.  For example, 2 Bob-ombs would represent the #2, 3 Goombas would represent the #3, etc., a 10 Coin represents the #10, I used Lemmy and Wendy for Jack and Queen face cards, and 1Ups for Aces.  All in all, I'm happy with how this one turned out.

21 Blackjack

Course ID: BWM-87S-TXG

Description:  Play 4 hands of 21 Blackjack against 4 different dealers.  The player is dealt 2 cards and can only see 1 of the dealer's cards face up.  The player can than choose to "Hold" (Stand) with his/her 2 cards.  Or, the player can "Hit" and receive an additional card.  The dealer will then show his 2nd card.  If the sum of the dealer's first 2 cards is lower than 17, the dealer will take an additional card (unless the player has already busted).  After winning 4 successful rounds, the player will be asked to make a wager on 2 final bonus cards.  The player must choose whether or not to place a "Max Bet" before seeing the cards.  Do you have what it takes to beat the 4 dealers and successfully take home the winnings?  Good luck!

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Uploaded: 12/7/2020