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for the longevity of these new consoles, we need to wait untill mid summer to see their true baseline, after they stop having stock issues.
switch only took so long to keep up with demand casue they were being conservative. if you remember back in 2013, they massivly overproduced the wii U in the first year resulting in a tonne of unsold stock. I've heard that as much as half the wii Us on the market are ones produced in year one. and if you have stock of year one production its kinda hard to reduce price when your console was bade at 300 when its msrp is 350....
they didn't want a repeat of that.

ramping up production is neither fast nor cheap, we can even see that now, increased production lines for post ACNH is only now slowly going online....

at any rate, there is one thing for certain when it comes to the ps5: its going to lose. a lot. of marketshare in japan.
the ps4 already wasn't doing so hot in japan, the Wii U defending its numbers against it untill the switch was announced. it did get quite a bit of a boost in japan on the back of the vita there, with ps4/vita games coming to it, plus the ecosystem of psn being with the vita.

then the switch arrived, pretty much putting sony in a catch 22. make a handheld thats going to either be too expensive or too weak vs the switch, or follow in thier footsteps to compete but losing un the enourmous western market base to xbox. so they decided to drop the handheld, but this now has the side effect of having all thouse vita/ps4 devs migrating to switch.