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foodfather said:

Yeah I don't like this one bit. I love the cinema, go 20 - 30 times a year. This is crazy news to me.

I get this is a gaming site, and gaming sites especially cesspools like IGN where nearly all the comments are positive about this, cause, you know gamers are fat slobs who hate going outside. But movie fans are is dismay right now. Me being one of them.

I get that people feel streaming services are popular now and rival the cinematic experience but I never would have thought they would be the main focus for the studios. I thought bringing people back to the theatres should have been a priority, but these studios couldn't give an inch about them.

Where possible, I'm going to head out to the cinema to watch the movies I looked forward to. I'm not jumping onboard this train just yet.

You know, I also enjoy going to the movies, but.....really? Just unnecessary.

The reason a lot of gamers probably don't care as much about losing the movie theatre experience, is because a lot of them are likely to own pretty high end home set ups. If you've already got a big ass TV, or even a projector, and a good surround sound system to go with it, there's less need to go out to the theatre as often.

Last edited by Angelus - on 05 December 2020