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I did indeed watch 3 more animes in November.

Clannad After Story (25 episodes)- I admit I slowly watched this anime, and that it was a mistake. The first 8 episodes or so did not appeal to me much at all, nothing like the first season or the latter episodes of this season. I basically dropped the anime, but people kept egging me on to finish it. Well I did finish it and it was completely worth it. The music and the sadness coming together really hit me where it hurts. The daily grind was also quite relatable as well as the happiness that one could have with such simple pleasures. To finish it off with the very latest episodes to really drive home the plot points culminated in a fantastic ending.

Barakamon- I watched this one after watching Honda-kun, and I suppose the order does matter. People flame the other show for being different but I can appreciate both for what they are. This one had great self improvement/ finding oneself. I can relate with the going to an island thing and enjoying the life, because from where I come from, Japan is just an island. But this guy goes from Big island to small one. I enjoy the fact that he is a beast at his job, but also feels like trash. It is human nature to think that one can do better, and that is kind of my motto since coming out of my own rut. I can always do better, and I shake with excitement for what the future brings.

Saga of Tanya the Evil- She isn't really evil. Not surprising, but I suppose it may just be the English translation taking liberties. A strange isekai, not sure why they had to justify it. I feel like it was only so that the viewers could relate that the protagonist is a Japanese instead of blonde hair, blue eyed foreigner. After the first episode, the plot went about as expected with it being pretty much impossible to lose. I do wonder if this show had sequels if they eventually lost. Either way, I really enjoy geopolitical and pseudo historical timelines, so I give it a pass for effort.

Until I buy my next game or my friends speak to me, I am watching anime at record pace!